We are looking for an I-can-disect-that-data-into-valuable-insights Data warehousing, BIG Data or Machine learning Intern

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Solliciteer voor: 30-04-2019    ·   Locatie: Vejen

Get practical insight
Looking to make a career within data warehousing, big data or machine learning? Then consider spending your internship at Solar. Our team runs Solar's SAP BW-based data warehouse and we are handling a Hadoop-based big data platform, so your preferences for handling large amounts of data can be met in many ways. We have other colleagues that are responsible for internal and external reporting in Solar, so you will be close to the users of some of the systems we build.

Technique, analysis, business understanding

There are many disciplines involved in running a data warehouse. A major part of the job will relate to technical specifications, but you will also have to be able to listen to the wishes of the customers, understand their business and turn it into good solutions both technically and when it comes to user experience. We will introduce you to data warehousing principles in a SAP environment, teach you the tools and let you try it out in real life. You will be introduced to a big data system too, so if your interests are within machine learning we have the platform, the data and the ideas for you to try out.

Your future studies

If you consider going for the Data Engineering specialisation, this internship could be the perfect starting point also for a bachelor project.

Technical setup

  • Data warehouse: SAP BW on HANA
  • Front end tools: SAP BO Analysis for office and Webi
  • BIG data platform MapR / HADOOP platform with a Mosaic shell on top
  • SAP BO data services for integration in and out of the data warehouse
  • ERP system: SAP ERP and ewm
  • Sales force CRM system
  • EPIserver-based Web shops

Place of work

You will be working at our office in Vejen.


If you feel we match your dream internship, then send us your motivated application and CV no later than April 30. If you have questions please contact Senior BI Architect Kristian Appel, phone: 52 34 25 76 or e-mail: appel@solar.dk. We look forward to hearing from you.


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